Why Should I Separate My Personal Credit From My Business Credit?

Business owners, no matter the size of their business, would do well to separate personal and business credit. Though it may seems simpler to use personal credit to fund all aspects of a business, doing so can lead to problems down the road. Though a business owner may have to rely on personal credit during […]

What Are Trade References?

The majority of D&B®’s business credit scores and ratings are calculated using information about how your business pays its bills. In this respect, it operates much the same as personal credit: late payments can bring scores down, while on-time payments can help build them up. To help calculate these score and ratings, D&B takes into […]

How to Apply for Federal Government Contracts and Grants

Once all of the eligibility requirements for federal government contracts  and grants have been met, there is certain protocol small businesses must abide by in order to bid for them and different databases that suppliers can use to search for available contracts. Government Contracts The System for Award Management (SAM) is the primary database the […]