How to Start Working With the Government

The United States Government is the world’s largest buyer of products and services, according to the Small Business Administration, and they are legally required to do a certain percentage of their business with small companies in the United States. This is a tremendous opportunity for small business owners, but before you bid for government contracts, […]

How Lenders Use Your Business Credit

Your business credit report can reveal a great deal of information about your business, its operations, financials, and many aspects of your borrowing activities. All of this information can play an integral role in your company’s ability to acquire financing. Lenders and other businesses can use the information in your business credit reports to evaluate […]

Who Reviews Your Business Credit Reports and Why?

Business credit reports can be a vital tool for credit risk management and company research. Access to in-depth information about businesses, such as company background information, financial data, payment trends, and insight into banking, trade and collection histories, are needed to help make informed financial business decisions. While the information on your business credit report […]