What Do the D&B® Scores and Ratings Mean?

Like personal credit scores, business credit scores can help people gauge a company’s credibility and financial stability. Business credit reports include company information and financial histories that can be used by lenders, government agencies and potential partners to determine whether or not to extend credit or work together. D&B credit reports are made up of […]

Why Should I Monitor My Business Credit?

Whether you run an established business or are just starting up, the benefits of actively monitoring your business credit should not be overlooked. Business credit differs from personal credit in several ways, one of which is the ability to potentially impact business credit scores beyond simply consistent, on-time payments. Additionally, high business credit scores and […]

How to Help Maintain Eligibility with Your Contracts

Many large companies may have minimum requirements they expect all their suppliers to maintain, else they may terminate certain suppliers’ contracts. Most large companies keep these requirements relatively private, but there are best practices that can be followed to help ensure you don’t receive a notice that you may be dropped as a supplier. In […]