Learn about D&B® business credit reports, how to understand the information they include, and how to use them to help grow your business.


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Do Small Businesses Really Need Business Credit?

Small business owners should consider taking steps to influence their business credit report. Unfortunately, most small business owners think that their business may be too small to establish business credit. This can be a misconception, and in reality, every business, regardless of size, should consider establishing its business credit early on … Read More

Why Your Business Credit Report Can Matter

It's a common misconception for some business owners to think that no one is looking at their business credit report. The truth is other companies, from banks to investors to potential partners, can purchase your business credit report to evaluate your company based on your D&B scores and ratings and further make decisions about whether or not … Read More

Why You Should Consider Monitoring Your Business Credit File

When it comes to your business, you want to be the first to know what's going on, not the last. If you aren't paying close attention to your D&B® business credit file, changes could be taking place that you are unaware of. Monitoring your file can help you determine what information other companies may be using when deciding whether or not to … Read More

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