It’s a common misconception for some business owners to think that no one is looking at their business credit report. The truth is other companies, from banks to investors to potential partners, can purchase your business credit report to evaluate your company based on your D&B scores and ratings and further make decisions about whether or not to lend or partner with your business.

Routinely monitoring your business credit file can benefit you and your company as your business grows. Watch this video to learn more about who might be looking at your business credit file:

Dun & Bradstreet understands the struggles of being a business owner and we are here to help. We offer business credit monitoring solutions that will alert you when D&B reports your business credit report has been purchased or when there are changes to your file.

Be alerted of when changes occur to your D&B scores and ratings by signing up for CreditSignal today.

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Featured Image Credit: Osamuh, Flickr