Business owners are often confused about the difference between business credit and business credibility. Business credit is related to the finances of your organization. It can show whether or not your company pays its bills on time or if you have any outstanding debt. Credibility, on the other hand, refers to the trustworthiness of your business; meaning, is your business as reliable as it claims.

Customers usually want to know if they can trust the information you are sharing on your website or brochure. If you have built good business credibility, it can help show that you can be relied upon to do a job well done. This can help your business make initial connections that could result in valuable and lasting relationships down the road.

We can help you build strong credibility and business credit in a way that can reflect your company’s success and trustworthiness to customers, lenders and partners you are looking to do business with. Watch this video to learn more about business credit and credibility:


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Photo Credit: kennysarmy, Flickr